Consolidated Youth Services (CYS)

The purpose of this committee is to provide positive direction, mentoring and some fun for the young ladies temporarily housed at Consolidated Youth Services, a short term residential treatment center for young people ages 8-18 who are facing challenges within their home, school or community. Committee members provide bi-monthly enrichment activities for the young ladies which include things such as arts and crafts, special speakers, special dinners, movie trips, holiday parties and more. In order to participate in each activity, the CYS girl’s behavior must have remained good. Committee members encourage and promote both healthy lifestyle and relationships during this important stage of their young lives and provide a little brightness in what can otherwise be a gloomy situation.


“Dear Ladies, I am writing to give you a personal THANK YOU from our family for what you do. My step-daughter was placed in CYS Monday of this week. She told us that you us came out and made scarves with them on Tuesday. She is very appreciative and loves her scarf! I can’t say how thankful we are to have organizations such as yours to reach out to our youth and provide activities for them. This is a difficult time by not having her here with us doing our ‘traditional’ Christmas activities as a family. Thank you once again!!! Wishing you the MERRIEST of Christmases!!”

Name omitted for privacy