Girl’s Enrichment Junior High

Girl’s Enrichment is a program for junior high girls who have been identified as being at risk by their school counselor. These girls typically have advanced scores in math and literacy and are good students in general, but are at risk in other areas of their life. Junior Auxiliary members offer guidance and friendship by mentoring these girls through cultural, vocational and educational programs. These girls have earned their rewards and were chosen for their high achievement in the classroom and good citizenship. We like to encourage them to continue on this path to success and treat them with educational dinners, activities, gifts, and services. Some of the activities they’ve participated in are art lessons, touring the Nature Center, fitness classes, self-defense classes, spa treatments and shopping. Each event is paired with dinner provided by JA. We try to provide both fun and education while giving these girls the just rewards that they’ve so deservingly earned. The young women are given not only a boost in self-esteem but a chance to develop relationships with peers and mentors.

“Hispanic Community Services is proud to partner with Junior Auxiliary or Jonesboro for the Girls Enrichment Program. The impact the program has had on the girls who participated has been overwhelmingly positive in terms of changing their attitudes towards themselves and their schoolwork. There have been parents who commented about the differences in their daughters’ behavior compared to before they participated in Girls Enrichment, and the girls themselves are eager to continue their participation in the program. Girls Enrichment and Junior Auxiliary have been instrumental in providing these girls with the opportunity to experience and participate in activities they would not have been able to otherwise.”

Gina Gomez
Executive Director, Hispanic Community Services, Inc.