Growing Healthy

Junior Auxiliary volunteers work together on this project to facilitate healthy lifestyle choices in area 6th grade students. Through the dissection of pig hearts and lungs and the guidance of local physicians who volunteer to help, students learn about the risks associated with smoking and obesity. Members discuss the anatomy and physiology of the heart and lungs, diseases associated with both, and stress the importance of good nutrition and exercise. Growing Healthy has been going strong since 1995 and is very popular with students, teachers and our medical community.

“Health, Wellness and Environmental Studies has been very fortunate for the past six years to have Junior Auxiliary to come each fall to dissect pig hearts and lungs. This is an opportunity our students would not have if not for JA. Our students get to see first hand how the respiratory system actually functions. The Junior Auxiliary is very well trained in explaining the functions of our heart and lungs as well as teaching the students the benefits of taking care of our bodies and not harming them by smoking. The ladies bring all the supplies and are ready and enthused about teaching children. They never leave until everything is cleaned up even better than before they arrived. Our 6th graders look forward to JA coming each year.”

Sherri Broadway Bio-Earth Lab Manager Health, Wellness and Environmental Studies Magnet School