The Learning Center

In this project, Junior Auxiliary members volunteer as aids in both the adult and children’s divisions of The Learning Center, which serves developmentally delayed infant-preschool age children and adults. Members help in the classrooms, assist with field trips and celebrations, and arrange Christmas ornaments for all of the children. With the adults, members assist in weekly bowling activities and Special Olympic events, organize and conduct an annual Fall Festival, organize and conduct monthly crafts, organize and conduct monthly birthday celebrations and singing, assist in off campus field trips and help out with celebrations. We have been serving TLC for more than 25 years.

“When you think of the term SERVICE, think Junior Auxiliary. These ladies give of their time, their resources, their skills and yes their special love and attention to our individuals with special needs. If we need someone to hold and feed babies with disabilities or we need someone to read a story, be an extra pair of hands in a classroom or a field trip or bring a coat to a child who doesn’t have proper winter wear, they are here! They do festivals, provide food, fun, activities, materials and did I mention LOVE? These ladies are friends, advocates and providers for needs. We are so appreciative of everything they do for us. We depend on our special friends to make life “Special” for our children and adults. Thank You Ladies! You Rock!”

Barbara Pitcock Director of Services The Learning Center of Northeast Arkansas, Inc.