Times Tales

Through our Times Tales project, Junior Auxiliary members tutor third and fourth graders at area schools. The children we work with are identified by their teachers as children who need extra help in math. We found a way to make memorizing times tables fun using a multisensory math program called “Memorize In Minutes” which helps kids memorize their multiplication facts using fun stories and objects. The projects/materials are adapted to the ability of the child. Not only are we tutoring them, but we are building a relationship with them and encouraging them to continue on this positive path. Learning through seeing, hearing and touching really works!

“As a teacher you always have a few students who need extra help and you may not have time to devote one on one attention to them. Times Tales has provided that for several of my students. They look forward to their sessions each week. They leave and return with a big smile on their face each time. Each of my students who have participated have not only learned their multiplication facts but they also gained self confidence. I can’t thank the ladies of JA enough for giving of their time to help these students.”

Alicia Rose 3rd Grade Teacher JPS Microsociety