Who We Are

The National Association of Junior Auxiliaries is made up of 98 Chapters in AR, AL, FL, KY, LA, MS, MO, and TN. Junior Auxiliary represents a serious endeavor on the part of women to be active and constructive community participants and to assume leadership roles in meeting community needs. Junior Auxiliary provides the member with the opportunity to serve and to be a vital part of the community. The objectives of the Association are to unite in one body all Junior Auxiliary Chapters and members to promote National and individual Chapter purposes; to encourage members to render charitable services which are beneficial to the general public, with particular emphasis on children; to cooperate with other 501 (c) (3) organizations. Junior Auxiliary was founded on the principles of helping children and making a difference in their lives. The work unit of the Junior Auxiliary Chapter is the project. A project is a planned undertaking in the fields of Welfare, Health, Recreation, Culture, or Education for which the Chapter has some part of financial or administrative responsibility. Junior Auxiliary members each give at least 5 ½ years of service to their community through their Chapter. Annually, each member serves at least 24 hours and receives a minimum of 12 hours in education with the goal of being a better volunteer.

Officers and Administrative

Elected Officers

Vice President
Provisional Trainer
Assistant Provisional Trainer
Recording Secretary
Membership Chair
Assistant Treasurer

Appointed Officers

Parliamentarian / Past President
Finance Chair
Public Relations Chair
Constitution Chair
Finance Project Chair
Hospitality Chair
Projects Research / Restructure Chair
Education Chair
Evaluation Chair
Grants & Awards Chair
Associate/Life Liaison

Active Members

Active Members by Provisional Class

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Danial Reed Arden Tolleson Allison Powell Amanda Minear Amy Wills Alexandra Bowen
Ginger Hyneman Courtney Bracy Amanda Fahlberg Amanda Tidwell Andrea Holman Amanda Hanson
Hilary Wells Danna Ramsey Amanda Windmeyer Asher Gray Angie York Amy Turner
Jenny Box Deania Vanhoozer Amy Barrett Ashley Cummings McNeil Ashley Snider Bobbi Hydrick
Kim French Emily Mathis Crystal Crawford Bethany Noto Brandi Snell Brittney Guest
Laura McDowell Erin McLeod Haven Gammill Cathy Bibb Brittani Nash Cari Dunham
Mandy Folden Heather Skinner Holley Cochran Chelsea Greer Chelsea Rupard Cynthia Teague
Michelle Laws Jessica Bullington Katherine Prescott Chelsea Saxton Hannah McGinnis Emilee Taylor-Rountree
Nikki Shannon Lydia Parkey Katie Rae Guinn Courtney Sloan Jennifer Smith Haley Soo
Morgan Trevathan Kila Owens Lauren Gregory Kelsey Schmidt Haley Thomas
Rheanne Pierson Madeline Cox Lindsey Gilberto Kirby Smith Hannah Simpkins
Sandra Arwood Reagan McNeil Sheri Walker Lacey Harris Jelena Veteto
Whitney Pardew Rosemary Bartlett Stacy Walz Laura Bean Jennifer McGinnis
Samantha McFadden Tara Ferguson Lauren Nunnally Jessica Blackburn
Stacy Crawford Taylor Waddell Mary Pat Sinclair Karen McDaniel
Traci Brewington Natalie Carter Kate Reid
Natalie Hinton Laura Harrod
Lauren Childers
Lauren Hodge
Lindsay Ivy
Mandy Bashaw
Melissa McDaniel
Morgan Daniel
Nicole Townsend
Paige Rebstock
Sarah Gifford
Sydney Rebstock

Life & Associate Members

2006 to 2011

2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
Bridgette Arnold Catherine Adams Melanie Butler Andrea Alpe Molli Beaverstock Erika Brodell
Lindsay Burnett Carrie Dell Allen Kelly-Gwynne Fergus Bridget Burris Linda Goad Becky Durham
Shaila Creekmore Sunni Booker Amber Hosman Patty Cole Margo Hafner Sandi Ford
Maggie Guinn Jill J Bristow Mikki Lutz Meredith Cook Rachel Jones Angela Horner
Mary Hyneman Kelli Brown Cindy McDaniel Amy Davis Kacey Lieblong Gena James
Aimee McPike Liz Crowson Lori Poston Dione Goad Andrea McKinney Sue Ann
"Buffy" Jonhson
Kelli Register Sarah Tipton Dickey Melissa Richardson Tommie Holmes Sally Maurras Suzette Pickle
Jessica Reed Ashleigh Givens Amanda Webb Shanda Rogers Tad Margolis Angel St. Pierre
Courtney Winters Kass Lomax Jennifer Williams Lesley Smith Shelle Randall Shawna Starnes
Taura McDaniel Stacey Stockdale Jennifer Rankin Martha
"Martie" Shull
Marjie Playter Rhonda Qualls Suzy Robinson Susan Throsch
Kim Provost Daya Shipman Mitzi Young
Stacey Raines Jennifer Turney
Deaundra Waddell Leslie Williams
Abby Powell Kathryn Webb

2000 to 2005

2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000
Holly Acebo Catherine Avirett Rita Degges Caryn Allen Laura Wood Sammye Pagan
Michelle Barber Martha Bartels Angie Fegtly Melissa Blaske Lee Cooper Michelle Bacot
Martha Bartels Selena Barber Judi Loche Marilyn Brown Angie Fowler Caroline Cameron
Johnna Dobbs Mary Dacus Kim Metcalf Carla Carson Jill Kincannon Tina Cook
Kim Futrell Donna Fincher Candace Quinn Michele Edwards Kim Moseley Ashley Day
Jennifer May Mary Kay Jones Kristy Reed Leigh Ann Ford Marie Nester Terri Holt
Audrey Poff Marie Jones Mary Margaret Scholtens Karen Lynch Deana Osment Betty Ann Hurt
Alexis Smith Charlott Jones Michelle Long Kimberly Minton Aylia Poston Karen Lewis
Aimee Spencer Kristal Kibler Ruth McCauley Lynn Suitt Lynn Parker
Jenna Stanfford Amanda McDaniel Stacey Orr
Elaine Staton Missy McKee Sharon Philips
Larua Pickens Cindy Thyer
Jackie Sherman Falls Cindy VanHorn

1998 & PRIOR to 1999

1999 1998 & Prior 1998 & Prior 1998 & Prior 1998 & Prior 1998 & Prior
Linda Aycock Kathy Abel Martha Block Cherie Clark Cindy Cronin Toni Falls
Robin Banks Brenda Allen Loretta Bookout Ann Clark Pam Crowson Pat Farmer
Dawn Barre Vivian Alston Brenna Boone Mary Clayton Nancy Crumbaugh Mel French
Sue Best Christy Appleton Janie Boone Jeanne Cole Brenda Dacus Carolyn Frierson
Leslie Cothern Catherine Averitt Faith Bowden Holly Cook Peggy Darouse Charlene Gairhan
Christi Covington Dorotha Baker Marie Brackett LaNita Cooper Diana Davis Susan Garner
Jean Gramling Cindy Baldridge Terry Brimhall Lois Ann Cooper Sherry Deacon Sue Garrison
Gaylene Gregory Jo Ball Nancy Brooks Sarah Jane Cooper Dorine Deacon Peggy George
Susan Ishmael Rosalie Barber Diane Bull Cindy Cooper Ginia DeMaine Suzanne Gibbard
Diane Langford Shawna Barber Pam Burton Marilyn Copeland Libby Donohue Beverly Gilbert
Tammy McClurken Betsy Barrett JoAnne Cahoon Kathleen Copenhaver Carolyn Duke Bonnie Goad
Sarah Orr Brigitte Bartels Martha Caldwell Virginia Cox Andrea Dunn Pat Goldey
Valerie Rainwater Sharon Beadles Cathe Carnes Mimi Cox Charlotte Eddington Dana Goldsmith
Amy Ezell Mary Lou Becnel Karen Carpenter Doris Crall Kelly Emerson Karen Gott
Nonie Wiggins Linda Beisner Susan Cathcart Janice Cranford Becky Ewart Martha Gramling
Beth Murff Pat Blanchard Marketta Childers Rosamond Crawley Anna Lee Falls Frankie Gray

Becoming A Member

Membership to Junior Auxiliary of Jonesboro is open to women of at least 21 years of age who have lived in Craighead County for at least one year. Members complete 6 years of charitable service while in JA, with a minimum number of hours required in the areas of service, education, finance, and administration. The first year is a Provisional year, while the next 5 years are Active years. After fulfilling 6 years of service, Active members can choose to become a Life or Associate member. If you are interested in finding out more information please contact us at jajonesboro@gmail.com.