Who We Serve

The heart of Junior Auxiliary can be seen through what we do in our community service projects. We currently have 12 service projects reaching out to children, youth and families all over Craighead County. Each year, our members put in thousands of hours volunteering on the projects and giving our hearts to the children that we serve.

Community Outreach Programs (COPs)

COPs is a project designed to address relevant and immediate community needs. Each year, the committee members decide its focus and develop one-time project(s) to achieve the intended results.

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Consolidated Youth Services (CYS)

The purpose of this committee is to provide positive direction, mentoring and some fun for the young ladies temporarily housed at Consolidated Youth Services, a short term residential treatment center for young people ages 8-18 who are facing challenges within their home, school or community.

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Crown Club

The ‘club’ serves as a “mini” Junior Auxiliary composed of local high school girls from various schools across Craighead County under the guidance of Junior Auxiliary members.

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Girl’s Enrichment Junior High

Girl’s Enrichment is a program for junior high girls who have been identified as being at risk by their school counselor. These girls typically have advanced scores in math and literacy and are good students in general, but are at risk in other areas of their life.

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Girl’s Enrichment Senior High

Girl’s Enrichment Senior High is a program that carries on the focus of our Girl’s Enrichment Junior High project. Girls who have been identified as being at risk by their school counselor are partnered with a Junior Auxiliary members.

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Growing Healthy

Junior Auxiliary volunteers work together on this project to facilitate healthy lifestyle choices in area 6th grade students. Through the dissection of pig and cow hearts and lungs and the guidance of local physicians who volunteer to help, students learn about the risks associated with smoking and obesity.

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Kick-Start Kindergarten

Kick-Start Kindergarten is a service project with emphasis on literacy tutoring at the Jonesboro Kindergarten Center. Junior Auxiliary members provide literacy tutoring to emergent readers, and also make themselves available for any subject students might need a little extra help with.

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Literacy & More

In Literacy & More, Junior Auxiliary members lead weekly book clubs in area schools. While the cornerstone of this project is the book clubs, it is about much more than just reading. This project provides an opportunity for JA members to meet with 4th, 5th & 6th grade underserved students on a weekly basis during students’ lunchtime at school.

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Scholarship is our longest running Junior Auxiliary project, founded by the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries in 1962, and is Junior Auxiliary’s national service project. Since being created, the NAJA scholarship committee has awarded more than $1,000,000 in grants to graduate students in fields which address the special needs of children and youth.

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Share & Wear

Share & Wear is a community service provided by Junior Auxiliary through which members work with school counselors to provide clothing and backpacks to children in need in our community. We work with area schools in Craighead County and purchase the requested items, such as clothes, underwear, socks, shoes and coats. Our members coordinate to make sure they are getting correct sizes and gather details such as gender, age and grade to ensure the items are a good fit.

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The Learning Center

In this project, Junior Auxiliary members volunteer as aids in both the adult and children’s divisions of The Learning Center, which serves developmentally delayed infant-preschool age children and adults. In the children’s center, members help in the classrooms, assist with field trips and celebrations, and arrange Christmas ornaments for all of the children.

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Times Tales

Through our Times Tales project, Junior Auxiliary members tutor third and fourth graders at area schools. The children we work with are identified by their teachers as children who need extra help in math.

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